fine art


Drawing is my favorite media of choice. It takes a wealth of time to cover a piece of paper with the graphite from a fine pencil point, giving me time to fully immerse myself in and connect with my drawing and its subject matter. I enjoy the challenge of converting what I see in color to black and white. For moving bodies, I choose to use colorful pastels. I enjoy creating synthetic skin tone with vibrant hues. I resist using this media for faces, as the complexity of detail in the human face calls for a more refined medium.

Artist Statement:

To create my drawings, I excavate the depths of my mind and sift through my past to reveal its most painful moments. For me, emotional events trigger the release of a short movie that plays repetitively behind my eyes. This reel of film is often graphic, and so real and detailed that my five senses become stimulated. I choose to provide “screen shots” from these movies which capture my feelings in times of distress, the masks I wear to prevent others from seeing inside, and how I reconstitute myself afterward. Although my work stems from something inside me, a version of these images exists inside everyone.

In my art, I choose to explore stress, pain, and tragedy. While the pieces emanate from my own experiences in the past, I believe that human beings are all pre-loaded with a range of emotions. What I enjoy doing, is forcing those pre-loaded emotions to the surface and conveying them in my own visual way to open a doorway to what resides in all human beings.