body art

I am 100% self taught in makeup artistry, body art, and special effects. Doing makeup has always been a hobby of mine. Mostly, I only do my own, experimenting with looks from high fashion magazines including zebra print eyeshadow or Swarovski crystals all over my face. Occasionally I will get a request from a friend to do their makeup for a special event, and I happily oblige, using color to highlight their best features.

Henna art is something that has always interested me. Growing up with friends of Indian culture, I was always fascinated by this long lasting but temporary art. The designs were so intricate and delicate that I felt a need to learn to do it for myself. I purchased henna cones to experiment on myself, and now each summer my friends ask me to do it for them.

As for the special effects, my interest in the medium evolved from my obsession with horror movies. Special effects artists spend hours creating a believable illusion for viewers so that we may be entertained. This hyper-realism has always interested me, and when I realized I could get my hands on material that would allow me to create that illusion for myself, I just had to go with it. My friend, who makes horror movies, invited me to help him on his film set. He allowed me to help bring his scenes to life by creating things like fake eyeballs, puncture wounds, gashes, scars, and a plethora of other effects.